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CORE 2096 Reflection, Yay or Yay?

Looking back at this course after about 15 weeks of lectures, I’ve learned many new things and have become more cautious with how I deal with everything, but as for what I’ve learned about myself, I can’t say it was such a great deal. I feel that I already know myself and this course just verified what I know which is that I love discussions that have purpose whether if I just listen or engage. What I did discover about myself is that I don’t always act in the way I’d hoped when it comes to matters of toxic masculinity especially when standing up for a girl who’s been catcalled or harassed. This discovery was because I spent a lot of time thinking of scenarios in creating my game that when I walk in the street now whenever something happens that relates to it, I think and wonder if my reaction is what I tell people is good or do I become part of the larger percent that just doesn’t do anything. I’ve also discovered that when I have engaging classmates as these and a Dr. that sets up a space for interaction perfectly, it becomes very easy to befriend anyone very quickly as opposed to the long time I usually take.

 As for things I’d use in my academic life, social life and career, I could name many that are so important for all because the three are closely related to each other due to the fact that what we learned through this course was done via technology and now these three different aspects of our lives have been brought together on the internet platform and sadly we can’t function in any part of our lives without it which makes them interconnected. The skill of using google form is something that I’ll mainly use in my academic life and maybe social life if needed, and I feel that I’ve go the capability to use it efficiently after using it in creating my game. The thought process I now go through after reading a news piece or when I hear something is one of the most important things I’ve obtained from this course. My thought process now starts when I hear something by thinking whether this information is true or not and if I’ve got the skill on how to distinguish real news from fake to a certain extent thanks to my Data Detox Kit Assignment, after I’ve been able to know if the news is real or not I then think whether sharing it would potentially hurt anybody and that I can’t say was thanks to a certain assignment, but rather a lot of readings and discussions done in this course.

If I could show someone what I’ve learned in this course, it would be these:

  1. My Game: As I spent a lot of time researching about the topic of toxic masculinity and I want as many people to be aware of it as possible. In addition, it was my first time using google forms, so it is a technological tool which I’ve learned.
  2. Information Equity by Kristine Miller: In my opinion was one of the most important articles we read because it make you realize that you don’t just have to sit and agree to whatever is happening around you whether it be in real life or on the internet.
  3. Soliya Platform: Even though it wasn’t the most I had fun with, but it remains something I’d show people I’ve used as a cross cultural platform which gives you space to learn about others and tell them something about yourself.

Improving this course isn’t an easy task since it was outstanding for me, but maybe this also occurred due to the unique setting that took place and isn’t a sure thing to reoccur. Maybe I’d focus more on making sure that students learn something new or take new material each class because even though I had a lot of fun, I felt that the last three weeks were more of discussions and social engagement rather than learning something new. I’d also like to add a proposed assignment or project which would require all the class to produce something together which could be as a mark they left behind when they’re done. I don’t have an exact idea about this, but it would be nice if everyone got together and were able to create something that would bring them together. Finally, in-class group activities are very important, and I acknowledge that we have done some, I am only stating this for the future because I think these random activities are excellent icebreakers which could lead to better class discussions later on.

Instead of saying in one sentence who should take this course I’ll say it one word: Everybody. Everybody should have the chance to learn what we learned.

Writing for me will always be my favorite method of presenting what I want to say, and I’ve discussed this before in my Tools Reflection, but I also liked doing a voice memo and uploading it on Soundcloud which was the Data Detox Assignment. Both methods give some form of anonymity which makes people feel more comfortable in discussing what they have in mind and makes them speak more honestly. I don’t have methods that were invaluable since we had the choice, so I always opted for my favorite, but I’d maybe say using twitter.


One thought on “CORE 2096 Reflection, Yay or Yay?

  1. I am glad the course worked so well for you. The last 3 weeks of class were indeed less content heavy because I sensed you all were stressed and I didn’t want to ask you to do more class prep at that point. We did end up covering a few things, but I intentionally removed several things to make it lighter. I think maybe in future semesters if I felt class needed a break, I would ask if you wanted to do some in-class reading or video to discuss…. or discuss X and maybe class could vote. Because there were indeed topics we could have covered in more depth. Or I could have used like 30 mins of class time for new topics and rest for a discussion.

    My mistake (which didn’t turn out to be a mistake to be honest) the day of discussing suicide … was I started with it and it ended up taking all class time, when I had intended 30 mins. But it seemed to be what you all needed… so I think it was worth it…

    Sorry for the long comment :)) Your blogpost made me emotional. Stay in touch, man!

    So much respect for doing a game about toxic masculinity btw.


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